Start Time

  • Tourney start time is the exact time stated in the event description.
  • 15mins late is the maximum amount of time before sent to the losers bracket.
  • Competitors are not allowed to play in another tournament simutaneously. No exceptions. If caught playing in another tourney... player/team will be Disqualified and forfeit any earnings.


  • The correct gametype and map indicated in the bracket must be played. You can find the gametype for the tournament in "Twitch NapTimez" Fileshare along with the map.
  • This must be adressed to a REF before the game is played out with the incorrect settings. If a team hosts a game and the complaint is made after the game ends, the game will not be replayed.
  • Any form of cheating must be reported to the ref, they reserve the right to make the call. Ex. keyboard, modding, xim adapters..Prohibited!


  • This is dependent on the tourney format. All substitutes must be made known to a Ref.
  • If the tournament is a random teammate tournament, you can't choose the replacement of your teammate.


  • If there is a mid-game disconnect, the match will be replayed from the score at the time of lag-out.
  • Failure to reconnect will result in a forfeit of the series.


  • Higher Seed hosts game 1 and non hosting team picks team color. Rotate after each game.. lower seed host game 2 etc.
  • In the grand finals, the team that won Winners Finals hosts game 1. In the case of bracket reset, team that came from loser's bracket will host game 1.
  • For 1v1 format: Higher seed hosts game 1, lower seed hosts game 2. In game deciding match, whoever had highest KDA over series hosts the tiebreaker.


  • When reporting scores, please whisper one of the indicated refs on the bracket. Bracket can be found by typing "!bracket" in the twitch chat or on the tourney sign up page after the bracket has been released.

Have FUN

  • If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! If a tourney doesnt reach a minimum of 16 teams signed up, it will be cancelled and another tourney format will be scheduled.