Free Entry!

Trick Or Snipe


Sunday October 18th 12pm EST (noon)


Sign up as a duo get a random duo (4v4)

Entry FEE

Free Entry

Snipers need love too. Sign up as a duo & get a random duo for some snipers action on spooky maps! Shoutout to MephBear for the maps!

  • Registration Deadline: Tuesday October 14th @7pm EST
  • Prizepool: $500USD ~ 1st: 250 2nd: 150 3rd: 100
  • Gametype: Trick Or Snipe: Found in fileshare of "Twitch NapTimez"
  • Maps:

    Swatoween Echelon - Swatoween Refuge Swatoween Pegasus - 2 Swatoween Coliseum Swatoween Truth - Swatoween The Pit Swatoween Tyrant - Swatoween The Rig Swatoween Overgrowth

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