Free Entry for the remainder of 2020!

1v1 Before Midnight


Sunday November 15th 1pm EST



Entry FEE

Free Entry

We love hosting 1v1s and are excited to announce the last installment of the 1v1 trilogy series! Who will take the final chapter? Top 4 paid out!

  • Registration Deadline: Friday November 13th @7pm EST
  • Prizepool: $300USD ~ 1st: 120 2nd: 80 3rd: 60 4th: 40
  • Gametype: TT 1v1 Midnight: Found in fileshare of "Twitch NapTimez" New changes include reduced time to 10min game and 10kills to win!
  • Maps: Coli TT, Regret TT, Crossfire TT, Truth TT, Plaza TT: Found in fileshare of "Twitch NapTimez"

Fall Breakout


November 29th 1pm EST



Entry Fee


Our seasonal Breakout competition is back! This time.. we have added breakout 2.0 into the mix! So make sure you practise that shotty too!

  • Registration Deadline: Friday November 27th @7pm EST
  • Prizepool: $300USD ~ 1st: 150 2nd: 100 3rd: 50
  • Gametypes: Fall Breakout 1.0 & Fall Breakout 2.0: Found in fileshare of "Twitch NapTimez"
  • Maps:

1.0 maps include: Canal, Crossfire, Altitude, Trident, Trench, Highrise, Gambol

2.0maps include: Trench 2.0, Gambol 2.0, Altitude 2.0, Trident 2.0, Crossfire 2.0, Knell Found in fileshare of "Twitch NapTimez"

****2.0 Gametype is not exactly the same radar as the playlist*** will try to fix this~*******

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